South Organic

Children of Bargouthia

South Organic also known as Gebana Maghreb is a partnership between Tunisian farmer cooperatives, a Tunisian company that conditions, packs and exports the organic and fair trade dates and a Swiss fair trade retailer: Gebana. They are Bio Swiss, FLO and ISO 22000 certified.
South organic has two plants in the Kebili region. They work with various groups of farmers organized in cooperatives. Approximately 250 families benefit from their activities.

Discover their stories with this serie of 4 videos.

(the videos are in French as it is the second language spoken in Tunisia)

1/ The big picture: South Organic’s CEO talks about life in the region

2/ Socio-Economic facts & figures

3/ Meet the producers: Oasis of Barouthia

4/ Meet the producers: Oasis of Dergine

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