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Pushpanjali: Working with marginalized producers

Everything started when we told Oxfam Magasins du Monde about our project to go meet the fair trade producers and produce videos about them. That was around November of 2010. We just finished editing our first movie ever about the Fair Trade Week in Belgium for the Belgian Technical Cooperation.

Oxfam immediately saw the opportunity that was presented to them: a way to obtain hard to get quality photo and video material about their producer partners in the South. Because we didn’t have much experience in video editing yet, Oxfam’s first reaction was to ask us to make the shootings only, they would pay someone else to do the editing. It was a start.At this stage we decided to move to Tunisia and start shooting fair trade videos there. We had the chance to work with Beni Ghreb Hazoua and South Organic, both dates producers in Southern Tunisia. When discovering our work about these two Tunisian organizations, Oxfam changed its mind and asked us to take care of the editing of their future videos as well. We were very proud to hear that! It meant that Fair Trade Connection had gone a long way since its early days and that the quality of our work was increasing.

Back from Tunisia we had a series of meetings with Oxfam to fine tune the details of our collaboration and we agreed on making fair trade videos about 7 of their partners: Pushpanjali and E.M.A. in India, Dhaka Handicrafts in Bangladesh, alura amara in Indonesia, Pueblos del Sur in Chile, MCCH in Ecuador and Bombolulu in Kenya. The videos will serve Oxfam’s marketing efforts and be uploaded to their website. With them, they want to do exactly what Fair Trade Connection has been created for: telling the story that is behind the product.

For each producer organization Oxfam asked us to produce a series of 3 videos:

  1. an Introduction: telling about the socio-economic context of the area, how the project started, and who benefits from it
  2. the Testimonies: where we can hear what the artisans and the managing staff has to say about fair trade
  3. the Local Impacts of the fair trade project: where we highlight the main positive impacts of the project

In this post you’ll discover the first webisode telling the story of Pushpanjali (Agra, India), the first of Oxfam’s 7 partners we visited. We hope you’ll enjoy it.






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I'm video producer and a consultant in social media marketing. With this blog, I want to share some knowledge about social media with Fair Trade producers hoping this will strengthen their organizations.

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