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Equitable Marketing Association (E.M.A)

After working with Pushpanjali in Agra, we flew to Kolkata to meet the second fair trade organization: E.M.A. We thought we would arrive and work in the mega city of Kolkata, so we were prepared for some urban experience but rather than that we were driven to a lovely countryside compound 40 Km from the city center.

E.M.A.’s staff welcomed us with a little ceremony, incense sticks were burnt, we received flowers and masala chai. E.M.A. really knows how to receive guests!

The next day we had our first meeting with the staff and planned the shooting of our second fair trade video. What is particular about E.M.A. is that they have a production center were people come to work unlike Pushpanjali that buys products that artisans produce in their villages.

Technically this was really convenient for us, no need to go to far away villages to get the footages and interviews.

Enough talk, here is the second webisode of Fair Trade Connection about Equitable Marketing Association.



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