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Soluna: Argentina’s Premium Fair Trade Wine

Most of the time we work with handicraft producers. So we were particularly happy when Gabriela, the owner of Bodega Furlotti, accepted our offer to shoot a movie about the Soluna wines.

We thought about contacting the people behind the Soluna wines because in 2010 we made a video about a contest organized in Belgium by Max Havelaar: the election of the best fair trade wine distributed in the country. The Soluna Malbec 2006 won the competition (best red) and since we were in Argentina we decided to pay them a visit.

It only took us 33 hours of bus to get there but the Mendoza scenery was really worth it. The red, yellow and orange of the autumn leaves contrasted with the bright blue of the sky and the white of the snowy peaks of the Andes in the background. Beautiful.

We quickly learned that in order to produce a fair trade wine, one needs to have fair trade certified grapes. So part of our job would consist of meeting the small vineyard owners and farmers who form the Viña de la Solidaridad cooperative.

We also learned about the contratistas. The contratistas represent a unique and traditional labour relationship in Argentina. As they are not land owners, these workers, who are essential to the maintenance of vineyards, formed strong partnerships with vineyard owners. In addition to receiving base wages, contratistas are also entitled to a percentage of the vineyards revenues. In our 3 video series you’ll discover these contratistas (Omar, Rosa and Oscar) as well as small vineyard owners (Eduardo and Francisco) and of course the bodega that produces the Soluna.

We hope that after viewing this series, you’ll understand the importance of the fair trade certification for these small producers and that you’ll see the Soluna wines with different eyes.




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