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FAQ about the QR Code Videos

How do you know people will scan the QR codes? While there is no absolute guarantee that people will scan the QR codes, our research on whether they would be an interesting marketing tool look pretty promising. For example, US based Marketing Agency MGH has published a research called “QR code usage and interest survey”. The survey was conducted among 415 smartphone users and shows that: 65% of respondents answered “yes” to the question: “Have you ever seen a QR code before?” 56% of respondents who had seen a QR code before have seen it on a product 49% of respondents who had seen a QR code before have used one To the question “Would you be interested in using a QR code, either for the first time or again?”, 70% of respondents answered “yes”, only 9% answered “No” and 23% answered “I don’t know” To the question “What have you used a QR code for?”, respondents answered: To get a discount, a coupon or a deal (53%) To access additional information (52%) To access a video (24%) Access the whole survey here We also have conducted our own survey (with our limited means), we asked : “If your favorite fair trade product had a QR Code on its packaging that could connect you to a short video telling the producer’s story, would you take 2 minutes to scan it and watch the video?” We received 60 answers: 50 said: Yes this sounds like a great idea 7 said: No, I’m not interested 3 said: I don’t know what a QR code is Source: Fair Trade Connection Survey on Facebook How will you cover all the fair trade products, there are too many? Our idea is not to cover each and every product sold by WFTO members – that would be an impossible task – but rather to create at least 1 video per producer member and ideally 1 video …

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The Revolution Fair Trade Needs

We have always believed in the benefits of fair trade for marginalized producers and were strong supporters of the movement even before starting Fair Trade Connection. Being on the road for so long and meeting so many of them has just confirmed our initial feeling that fair trade contributes to lifting small producers out of poverty and gives them more control over their lives. We have been to the villages, talked to the artisans, shared meals with their families, visited their houses and spent hundreds of hours getting to know them. What comes out is a huge collection of testimonies all pointing out to the same reality: fair trade products are made with love and the income that they generate do create better lives. Our job now is to tell you these stories, so that just like us, you can realize that fair trade does make a difference. Fair Trade and Social Media Most Western fair trade organizations (retailers and labeling organizations) have already adopted Social Media and use them as part of their marketing efforts to different extents. Social Media is now the name of the game, even for fair trade. Organizations share all kinds of content on different Social Media platforms. Many of them provide information about the products they sell, raise awareness through advocacy campaigns, communicate about events that they organize and so on. We believe that the positive growth of fair trade sales (12% increase since 2010 according to Fairtrade International) could be, at least partially, explained by the ever growing use of social media to promote the movement. We see in social media the perfect tool for further connecting producers and consumers. One tool in particular caught our attention… QR Codes If you’ve been in a public space in the last year or two, you’ve probably seen a QR (Quick Response) code —a small, square two-dimensional barcode that looks a bit like a miniature chess …

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