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5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix them [SLIDES]

We were invited to speak at the Asia Fair Trade Summit 2016 in Bangkok in front of all the Asian members of WFTO. Our presentation was part of the brand value panel and we wanted it to be very hands on for companies to have something concrete to go home with. Ronny’s presentation was a collection of real life examples of things that the fair trade producing organizations were doing wrong with their marketing. After briefly presenting the 5 common marketing mistakes, Ronny spent most of his presentation giving tips on how to fix them.

These 5 mistakes were:

  1. You don’t have an official Visual Identity
  2. Your Visuals are not Strengthening your Brand
  3. You don’t have a Social Media Plan
  4. Your Website is Outdated
  5. You don’t Leverage Storytelling

If you wish to learn more about each of these topics, you can download a bibliography containing all the articles Ronny used to create his presentation.

Here are all of Ronny’s slides (click one to open in a gallery):

About Ronny Hermosa

Hi, I'm a video producer and a digital marketing consultant. With this website we wanted to build the largest video & photo library about the fair trade producers. You can purchase our content to develop your own marketing campaigns.