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Fair Trade Connection is a communication agency that works exclusively with fair trade organizations, nonprofits and social / ethical businesses. In other words, our customers are organizations trying to make a positive change in this world!  We exist since 2011.




Our mission is to help these “changemakers” tell their story and show the impact of their work. To achieve this mission we offer a full range of solutions like audiovisual content creation, logo designs, websites, product photography, product catalogs and customized digital marketing trainings.



Since our journey started, we have had the chance to visit 50+ fair trade producer organizations in Asia, Latin America and Africa, among which 30 were WFTO members. For each of them we’ve collected a great deal of visual content that we (or other fair trade retailers) have used for visual storytelling. All those shootings with the producers have contributed to creating the largest library of interviews, B-rolls and photos about the fair trade producers to date. So far we have worked exclusively for fair trade but we want to expand our services to all social/ethical businesses.




Our specialty is to help social / ethical businesses and fair trade organizations show the impact of their work in order to attract more customers, donors and volunteers.

Here’s what we offer:



Video / Photo Shooting: We travel for you and gather the stories of your producers (artisans / farmers) through video and photography.

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Video Editing: We create customized videos using the content we have collected for you during a shooting or existing content from our media library.

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Stock Photos: We know how difficult it is to get quality photos from your producers around the world. The good news is, we’ve been traveling and collecting their photos for many years.

We have 4300+ photos to choose from!

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Impact Stories: We have pre-edited video stories from your producers so you can access them at a very affordable price.

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Product Photography: We can take beautiful photos of your products. It can be studio shots with white/black background or lifestyle format.

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Logo Design: Creation from scratch or logo refresher. (Click Here to View Prices) (Click Here to View Logo Portfolio)

Graphic Design: We take care of your product catalogs, brochures, posters, social media cover, etc.



Workshops: We come to your place and train your staff in various aspects of digital marketing and content creation. (Click Here for More Information)

Fair Trade Academy: We have created an educational online platform for changemakers. (Click Here to Discover All our Online Courses)

Custom-made Online Courses: We can create personalized online courses for your organization and its members. (Click Here to Ask for a Quote)




• Benefit from discounted prices:

The idea is to ask organizations from a specific country to get together and share the common expenses like: Transportation, Accommodation and Visa fees (when required).

We have designed 3 high-value packs so every organization can benefit from our high quality services at lower prices.

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• Send us an email now and tell us what you have on your mind.

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Let’s work together to promote fair trade!

Ronny Hermosa (Founder) & Diana Muñoz (CEO)



Fair Trade Connection is a Belgian NGO that was founded in 2011.

Our mission is simple:

We want to help the fair trade organizations – like the producers, the retailers or the federations – show the impacts of fair trade to the consumers.

So what exactly can we do for you?

Our specialty is to create refreshing content that tells the story of the fair trade producers.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you work with a fair trade supplier in a remote area of the Philippines.

Well, we could travel out there for you. We’ll jump on a plane, a boat, a scooter, a rickshaw (or most likely all of the above!) with our cameras & computers until we reach the producer. Once there, we will get to work and start collecting the material.

On a typical shooting day we will interview 2 to 3 people to gather their stories but also film the production process, life in the community and take hundreds of photos of what is going on around us. Our long experience with the producers taught us to ask the right questions during the interviews, guaranteeing that you get the best stories to show the impacts of fair trade. See we are not your regular cameramen and editors, WE ARE FAIR TRADE SPECIALISTS. We’ve been in the game for a long time now and this gives us a profound understanding of the movement.

After harvesting the images, the next thing we could do for you is to craft the stories.
The material we collect during our shootings is like a rough diamond. To give it value, we need to cut it properly and mount it on the appropriate support.

So based on what you need, we can deliver beautiful photo sets for creating posters or to use on your website & social media, or we can skip to what we do best: editing entertaining and custom videos to give life to the fair trade stories.

But…to buy a video is quite expensive right?

Well, not necessarily. We understand not every company has a huge budget for purchasing this kind of material. That is why we have special offers for free photos and also videos with very reasonable prices. We want our content to be available to all.

Speaking of freebies, you can visit our website and access more than 300 producer interviews. Feel free to listen to their testimonies and write some stories for your blog or social media.

So basically we have lots of content and we want you to start using it to show the impacts of fair trade to the world…

But this is not all!
What keeps us on the road almost all year round and motivates us every day is that OUR WORK IS GIVING A VOICE TO THE GRASS ROOT PRODUCERS.

The farmers & artisans that we interview all have interesting stories about how fair trade has improved their lives …and we believe it is OUR MISSION to bring it out there to the consumers! How many times have we heard the question: “is fair trade really helping the producers?”. Well working with Fair Trade Connection will help you answer that question once and for all.

We have BIG dreams about the impact we can create with our media but to get there, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Find photos & videos about your partners on our website or ask us to create a custom video for you. If you don’t find what you need in our library, you can also book us to go on shooting to collect fresh images about your producers anywhere in the world.
What I’m trying to say is: Let’s work together to promote fair trade!

Thank you for watching!


  1. Great blog post, refreshing website design and style, keep up the great work

  2. Thank you Fred for your encouraging comment.

  3. Thank you Sunil, I’m adding a new section to the blog: Fair Trade Videos. Here you’ll find my video productions about the fair trade producers I visited.

  4. Thank you Sunil, I’m adding a new section to the blog: Fair Trade Videos. Here you’ll find my video productions about the fair trade producers I visited.

  5. Thank you Sunil, I’m adding a new section to the blog: Fair Trade Videos. Here you’ll find my video productions about the fair trade producers I visited.

  6. Thank you Sunil, I’m adding a new section to the blog: Fair Trade Videos. Here you’ll find my video productions about the fair trade producers I visited.

  7. Thank you so much for your good work. Have emailed Hassan Saidi to extend my appreciation. Keep it up! Fanny-Min 🙂

  8. Thank you for the support! More videos comming really soon, next stop: India!

  9. Great idea, Ronny. If you want to come to China a vast country with developed and developing areas with many unique artisans from Tibet,Yunnan,Guizhou,etc. I can help you make the arrangement.


  10. Hello Pine, I’d love to come to China.
    Actually it was in our original itinerary for the fair trade world tour. But we had to cancel because it would have been too much countries. We think we need at least a few months to cover this huge country.
    But thank you anyways.

    Are you active in fair trade in China? I’d love to hear more about your story.

  11. My friends, I write to them from Peru, since I me can connect with you, work with women who do handmade fabrics, we have products in fiber of alpaca.

  12. Hi Ronny,

    I’m Moddy from Sri Lanka. Firts, how can I generate QR code? Will this be a specific Organization OR Product code?


  13. Hello Angel, gracias para dejar un mensaje. Podemos hablar en español si quiere. Como puedo ayudarle?

  14. Hi Moddy, to generate QR codes you’ll need to use a website, google QR code generator to find some.
    Otherwise, we produce the videos about the fair trade artisans like the one you saw on the blog post.
    If a specific organization wants us to come and produce QR code videos about them we can arrange it, but it has a cost.
    Let me know if that answers your question.

  15. My name is Gajender Chauhan from Uttar Pardesh India.I am Belong From Villages and want to do something for Villagers.I know about handicrafts Business.If you add me with your organization i can do better work for our Villagers.

  16. surendra chaudhary

    ronny how if possible to fair trade bussiness please guides us
    name : surendra chaudhary
    From: Nepal,chitwan sauraha
    Mob: 0977-056580332
    Project name: Women Skills Development & Training project

  17. Hi
    I am a retailer based in Canada and I always having problems finding fairtrade items to sell (at the moment for example I am looking for organic cotton scarfs of a partitular size and colour and am having such a hard time finding them). Do you know of any good online sites that connect retailers to producers? Thanks for your time

  18. Hi Iam from Peru, we have a fair trade organization in Peru, working with organic cotton and alpaca, you can contact us:

  19. Muy bonito blog, he completado el survey que mandaron. Nosotros somos una organización de fair trade en Peru, ojala puedan estar en nuestro país pronto, muy buena iniciativa!!

  20. Hi, I’d like to know where are you based.

  21. Its really a wonderful works. i really interested to working with you. Ronny. If you want to visit Bangladesh for working with poor bangladesh people then i Must help you to make the arrangement. and we are still started works for the poor people under our one trust foundation.

  22. Hi everyone!
    I’m volunteering for a platform that connects artisans from developing countries with Western Europe. The platform is new and we’re growing fast, currently we have artisans from 13 countries. The name of our platform is Discovered and you can find us on We welcome any artisan, social entreprise, cooperative or NGO that works with artisans, so please join us! To open the store and list your products is free of charge! Note: we’re not targeting bulk buyers, therefore wholesalers should accept selling piece by piece or try to find another platform.

    Thank you!

  23. Hi Sugel, are you a wholesaler or you’ll accept orders that will be from final consumers? (B2C)
    If you’re open to B2C, then please contact me at

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Natalie,

    I am Dolan Chatterjee(Ms) from Kolkata, India. With 2 years on since you posted your query, I was wondering if you still looking for ‘organic cotton scarfs’ of No. If your answer to me is a ‘Yes’, please note that I can help you find.We are a FT IMO and we receive orders in organic cotton scarfs..

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With best wishes,

    Cell phone:+91 9874731939.

  25. Hello we are based in Belgium, but are often on the road to meet producers.

  26. We please, want to find out if our organization in Ghana too can offer you some handicraft products for sell, if this is yes, then, kindly us know so that we send your the products photographs to have a look. We would be grateful for your favorable response.
    Best Regard.
    Godwin Kodua

  27. Hello there,
    Sorry we are currently not into the retailing business. Our core activity is to produce videos and photos.
    Good luck with your products.

  28. Hello Ronny, My name is Katie I work with Trade Aid importers in NZ, and I’m inquiring about getting access to footage some footage from our producer partners in Dominican Republic, in particular Conacado. We’d like to use this footage in a new video clip we are producing to tell the story of our chocolate. Please let me know if you can help and any details about usage rights and fees. Many thanks.

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