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Ronny Hermosa

Hi, I'm a video producer and a digital marketing consultant. With this website we wanted to build the largest video & photo library about the fair trade producers. You can purchase our content to develop your own marketing campaigns.

Around the world to meet fairtrade producers

Did you ever wonder what good it makes to buy fairtrade products? Where does the money go anyway? How does it help poor farmers and artisans? We decided to go find out. Not that we doubt that fairtrade helps marginalized producers lift themselves out of poverty, that we have already seen, but to share a bit of their lives with you. We want to take you on a journey, introduce you to the farmer who grew the mango you are eating or maybe the lady who picked up the coton your T-shirt is made of. They live in India, Madagascar or maybe Costa Rica, their name is Ranvir, Ana or Salah. They have dreams, worries and questions just like us. Their lives is somehow connected to ours … through the products they make. Starting in October, my wife and I are going to travel around the world to meet these fairtrade producers. And the good news is … you are coming with us! We will be making tons of videos about the cooperatives we visit. You will visit their fields and production units, hear what the workers have to say and how fairtrade affects their lives. So far we know that India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Kenya and Madagascar are part of the plan, but who knows what tommorow might bring? So if you want to travel along with us, don’t wait any longer. Get your ticket now by subscribing to our YouTube channel. For those of you who love photos, you can also receive our best shots via our Twitter account. Only Fair Trade Connection will bring you that close to the reality of the producers!

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South Organic [TUNISIA]


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Beni Ghreb Hazoua [TUNISIA]


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Why you MUST use social media for your business

Did you know that over 50% of the world population is under 30 years old? That YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? or that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations when only 14% trust advertisements? This is only 3 stats, I could go on for pages. The Internet is filled with social media statistics, all more impressive than the others. They are all pointing towards the same direction: social media is not an option for promoting your business, it is a MUST. For those of you not yet convinced of that, here is a selection of 3 videos showing facts and figures about the social media revolution. httpv:// httpv:// httpv:// Don’t wait any longer, get on the boat! If you don’t know where to start from, you could try this link.

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My fair trade business is on Facebook, now what?

You’ve decided to get on the social media train and start a Facebook page for your business. Congratulations! You are probably wondering: “What am I going to say now?” This post is specifically written for fair trade producer’s organizations who are doing their first steps on Facebook. If that’s you, read on to discover 5 great ways to produce relevant content to feed your brand new page. First you need to understand that the great majority of your fans (people who have liked your page) will only come to your page once. That is the one time they hit the “LIKE button”. It doesn’t mean they won’t continue to follow your stories and read your content, it’s just that they won’t come to your page to find it. Most of your fans will find your posts in their newsfeed. It is thus important to create content on a regular basis to reach your fans via their newsfeed. Keeping that in mind, what should you write about? I’m tempted to answer that question by another question: “Who are your fans?” Understanding your audience is crucial to provide relevant content. As a fair trade producer’s organization your fan base will most likely consist of fair trade consumers or adherents from all over the world, Western distributors and fair trade/NGO activists. You could try to segment your audience into 2 or 3 different categories and roughly estimate the proportion each category represents. This would help you elaborate a ratio for your posts. Lets say 70% of your fans are fair trade consumers, 15% are distributors and the other 15% are NGO activists. A good posting strategy would be to write 3 posts that meet the consumers’ interests, 1 that meets the distributor’s interests and 1 you know the activists will relate to to keep everyone happy. We understand that establishing such ratio’s isn’t easy, truly understanding your audience requires time and resources. If …

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Developing your Fair Trade company’s Social Media Strategy

You hear about them every day, all your friends use them and you might even use them yourself… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FlickR, YouTube, … Social media have become a part of our (virtual) lives. But what about your business? Is it time to add social media to your marketing mix? If you think the answer is “Yes” then the next question is: “Where do I start? In this post I’m going to give you a few keys to develop your company’s social media strategy. Deciding to dive into social media marketing is a bit like deciding to buy a new dog. When we buy a new puppy we’re all exited and we want to play with him but in reality bringing home that puppy is a big commitment and is time consuming. That is why before buying the puppy or jumping into social media to advertise your business, you should ask yourself if you have the ressources to handle it? A good way to find out is to organize a meeting with your managing staff in order to elaborate a social media strategy. 1# Determine your final goal Be it finding more distributors for your products then you will focus on developping relationships with your Western partners and distributors; be it promoting your products then you will focus on establishing a dialogue with your final consumers; be it finding inspiration for new product development then you’ll try to interact with creative people and communities. Try to set specific objectives that can be measured and decide how much time and money you want to dedicate to social media. 2# Find your audience There’s a vast literature about finding an audience, I’m not going to tackle this issue here, I’ll just summarize it in three action points: Make a list of keywords and phrases related to your business Make a list of social media sites where you think you can meet your …

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Manage your online reputation

How can people find out about your business? How do potential clients know you even exists? How will these potential new clients find you? There’s a good chance the first thing they’ll do is google the name of your business. And then what? This post will teach you 5 easy steps to build  and effectively manage your online reputation. After all, reputation is everything. When it comes to marketing, your reputation can either be your best friends or your worst enemy. 1/ Create relevant and valuable content Use the media you prefer, it could be your website, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or LinkedIn. Every piece of content including properly tagged photos and videos will appear in search engines. Don’t be a product pusher, think about your target audience. They don’t want to be hammered with disguised advertisement, they want to find interesting content about their centers of interests. If your target is a group of European fair trade distributors, try to create material that they could use if they decided to start a partnership with your business. It could be some beautifull pictures of workers doing handicrafts, or a blog about the everyday’s life of the artisans who work with you. Be creative and think about the interests/passions/needs of your target community as opposed to your own. 2/ Create a Google alert about yourself and join the conversation Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. To get started go to Google alert, and enter your search terms. I strongly recommand you set up a Google alert for your business, your name, or your competitors. You can even create an alert for any key phrases such as “looking for a fair trade coffee producer” or “fair trade wooden toys”. Creating an alert to monitor your e-reputation is one thing, responding to polish it is the …

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3 apps you must have on your facebook page

There are thousands of applications out there and we know it is not easy to choose the right ones. In this post we handpicked the 3 apps that you must have to promote your fair trade business with your facebook page. 1/ Customize your landing tab It has been demonstrated with an experiment that having a customized landing tab doubles your chances to convert people visiting your page for the first time into fans. During the experiment, visitors were driven to a fan page with ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. Then the landing tab has been turned off and it has been noticed that those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23% Many people use Static FBML or Tabsite to customize their landing page. A good landing page must contain a “call to action” such as “hit the like button to follow us”. Be creative. You can read those 2 well-made tutorials to learn more about customized landing tabs. Here is an example of a good landing page: Oxfam GB 2/ Import your blog’s RSS feed You want your fans to know when there is something new on your blog. Use the networkedblogs app to do that. You  can also place the networked blogs widget on your blog it will display your fans’ profile photos on your blog. 3/ Link your YouTube channel to your page Thanks to this app from Involver, you can integrate your YouTube channel to your page. It will let you choose which videos you want to display among other options. It is easy to use and doesn’t take users away from your fan page to view the videos. See an example of YouTube integration on a facebook fan page here.  

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