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Fair Trade World Tour: India (E.M.A.)

Our journey for fair trade continues and we are now flying to Kolkata, India’s second largest city. Here we will be meeting Equitable Marketing Association (E.M.A.) and stay with them for 7 days.

We were expecting fumes, traffic jams and never-stopping-ear-blasting-horns since we heard E.M.A. was located in Kolkata, but instead we found luxurious gardens, ponds packed with all sorts of fishes and coconut palmtrees. E.M.A.’s development center, which is their production facilities, is really located 40 Km from the city in a small and quiet village called Uttarbharg. The organization provides work to approximately 100 locals focusing on underprivileged, marginalized, minority groups, widows and the physically challenged.

The story of the organization is too long to be told here, but can be found on their website. We really believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will let the video speak for itself. It is time to step into E.M.A.’s musical instrument division and meet the producers.

Another particularity of EMA is that they focus on helping disadvantage minorities. For instance, their candle division is entirely operated by handicapped people. Some are deaf and dumb, others are just physically challenged.

The candle division of EMA (22 people)

Watch this second fair trade video and meet this extraordinary working division.

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