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Taking Fair Trade Connection back to school

This month has been a return to my roots. Not only did I return to my motherland, Belgium, but on 9 October 2014 I also returned to my former high school! No, not to re-sit exams, but to give a talk about Fair Trade Connection to a group of students sitting in the very chairs where I once sat. Why did I go back? Well, this year we once again received financial support from Belgium Technical Coorporation (BTC) to organise an event during Fair Trade Week. We chose to use the funds to set up an education day at Virton high school. We split the event into two parts: the first part began in the morning at 9.30am. More than 50 fourth-year students crammed into the one classroom ready for us to get going with our two-hour session. I introduced myself and my background, which naturally evolved into a general discussion on fair trade. I was impressed at how informed the students were! Things then started to get heated as a debate organized by the teacher took place. The mood was ‘How fair is fair trade?’, and the fourth graders touched on some very interesting points. To tell our story of FTC to the students, I thought it was only logical to show what we do best —video! Once the beamer was set up, it was time for lights, camera and action. First up was the clip ‘We can make your products speak’, followed by an educative video about fairtrade made for Oxfam Magasins du Monde. At 7pm, once the tables were laid with nibbles and the drinks were poured (thanks to Virton’s Oxfam Shop), the public started to roll in for the second part of the event. I didn’t expect so many people to show up! Excited by the 60 or so guests, I kicked things off with a presentation on what FTC has achieved in 2014. The crowd was …

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Need a fair trade video? We’ve got what you need!

Are you looking to communicate your Fair Trade story to the public and your consumers? Let our images and videos do the talking for you. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video speaks a million, so over the past three years we have been busy collecting images and video footage of Fair Trade cooperatives across the globe in order to bring you the most extensive visual database of Fair Trade artisans. You can now purchase high resolution photos and videos to use on your website and social media, and for any other promotional material. As a retailer, you can give voice to Fair Trade’s artisans by showing their videos both inside your shop and on your website. Help your customers to connect with these producers and to understand the Fair Trade supply chain, and share with them the positive impacts of Fair Trade in local communities. But it’s not just the customers who will benefit. Fair Trade organizations have also had success in using our videos as tools for training volunteers and staff members who are new to Fair Trade. Do the artisans you do business with have a story to tell? Are you a producer looking to increase your market access? Seize this opportunity and hire us to film your story then showcase it to the world. Let’s work together to put Fair Trade on the map, one image at a time. Browse our large and and growing database and discover the perfect videos and images to promote your Fair Trade business.   This article was kindly written by Katie Ramsbottom, WFTO.

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Around the world to meet fairtrade producers

Did you ever wonder what good it makes to buy fairtrade products? Where does the money go anyway? How does it help poor farmers and artisans? We decided to go find out. Not that we doubt that fairtrade helps marginalized producers lift themselves out of poverty, that we have already seen, but to share a bit of their lives with you. We want to take you on a journey, introduce you to the farmer who grew the mango you are eating or maybe the lady who picked up the coton your T-shirt is made of. They live in India, Madagascar or maybe Costa Rica, their name is Ranvir, Ana or Salah. They have dreams, worries and questions just like us. Their lives is somehow connected to ours … through the products they make. Starting in October, my wife and I are going to travel around the world to meet these fairtrade producers. And the good news is … you are coming with us! We will be making tons of videos about the cooperatives we visit. You will visit their fields and production units, hear what the workers have to say and how fairtrade affects their lives. So far we know that India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Kenya and Madagascar are part of the plan, but who knows what tommorow might bring? So if you want to travel along with us, don’t wait any longer. Get your ticket now by subscribing to our YouTube channel. For those of you who love photos, you can also receive our best shots via our Twitter account. Only Fair Trade Connection will bring you that close to the reality of the producers!

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